Our Service

We offer a complete service of the whole production process in printing, as well as the distribution of the product.


Being responsible for the whole production system makes us stand out from our competitors as it give us the flexibility to adjust and speed up the production to meet the demands of our clients.



Graphic Design

Design and finished artworks for the pharmaceutical packaging.


S. Gonzalez has an experienced team of designers, all specialized in the design of pharmaceutical packaging.



We offer a wide range of printing services such as envelopes, letters, checks, folders, brochures, pamphlets, etc.


Our cutting edge machinery enables us to perform any kind of printing work and to achieve high-quality standards.




Handling and the finishing touch

Besides the printing machines, we also have the latest guillotine cutter and a folding machine that can carry out any type of fold (whether it's horizontal, vertical or a cross fold), a binding machine, a creasing machine, sealing-shrink wrapping and packaging machinery. We also have auxiliary machinery to provide the finishes to the printed product.

We have warehouses exclusively for storage, raw materials, finished products, paper, etc.


This way we assure an easy flow in the manufacturing process, thereby we can avoid stock shortages and to achieve demanding deliveries on time.


Our products are delivered personally by our employees within the province of Madrid and those provinces connected to the boarder of Madrid.


For the rest of Spain and for exportation, deliveries are carried out by trusted and experienced transport agencies.

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